Bohemia China

Once Homewares carries the finest quality platinum and gold trimmed china.

Fine quality china is highly prized for its fine craftsmanship and its many appealing properties.

Our Dinner Sets are made form high quality durable clay, using no animal bone ash, which makes our china so strong.

It has several layers of glazing and is designed to be used everyday. 

The fine china range has a lifetime guarantee against cracking, chipping, crazing, loss of color and loss of pattern.

Sterling Mills Cutlery

Once Homewares carries the finest platinum and gold cutlery range designed and manufactured from top quality 18/10 stainless steel.

Our cutlery won’t have problems with pitting, staining or bending.

This range comes in its own quality carry case and has an Unconditional Lifetime guarantee.

 dining 3.jpg